Bluestack Consulting, Inc.

Resume of M.J. Hare - Bluestack Consulting Inc.


Creating reliable system software.
Detailed understanding of hardware and software, operating systems, & BIOS.
Extensive experience isolating software and hardware problems, including interaction.
Ability to complete projects on tight schedules with no loss of quality.
Hard working, easy to get along with, task oriented, customer quality advocate.
Excellent command of the English language with proven communication skills.


Applications: Device Drivers, System Exercisers, Embedded Systems Firmware, SCSI, SATA,Hardware/Software Design Verification, UEFI BIOS (PEI, DXE, BDS, & SMM), I2C
Environments: Windows & Windows Server (x86 / x64), ThreadX, Embedded, Linux
Test Equipment: Debuggers, In-Circuit Emulators, Logic analyzers


- Provided clients with expertise on Windows OS internals, including: device drivers, filter drivers, memory management, synchronization, scheduling, kernel debugging, user/kernel interface, driver installation, driver certification, driver efficiency, etc.
- Served as liaison with Seagate Technology drive firmware teams to isolate disk drive problems.
- Designed & implemented UEFI BIOS SMM driver to save embedded storage array’s ‘dirty’ cache data during system power failures, allowing client to eliminate unreliable batteries.
- Customized UEFI BIOS on Intel Server platforms (Jasper Forest, Sandy & Ivy Bridge), for client’s proprietary hardware. Co-inventor U.S. Patent 9,110,731 B1 Hard Allocation of Resources Partitioning.
- Designed & implemented SAS Expander driver to allow host operating systems (Windows & Linux) to configure client’s proprietary disk enclosure using SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) protocol
- Modified UEFI DXE AHCI driver to accommodate client’s iSATA flash drive.
- Designed & implemented system software to validate hardware designs, isolate faults, and test systems in manufacturing. Assisted firmware engineers with issues related to hardware interaction problems in embedded Linux environment.
- Designed & implemented Windows Server Storport miniport driver to access embedded storage array controller via custom memory-to-memory interface.
- Modified client’s RAID Controller / Disk Virtualization firmware to use SATA (instead of FC-SCSI) disks with minimal changes to existing sources. Demonstrated feasibility of leveraging client’s firmware base to produce multiple products. Assisted in design of custom logic circuitry and firmware algorithms to allow two RAID controllers to co-operatively access the same set of SATA drives.
- Designed & implemented Windows SCSI Miniport driver, PCI Expansion ROM, and custom message interface for client’s PCI bus RAID controller. Streamlined algorithms allowed controller/host throughput to exceed 90% of PCI’s theoretical maximum bandwidth.
- Analyzed and corrected problems involving PC system core logic, option boards, system & video BIOS, device drivers, and system/application software on Intel x86 platforms. Developed software fixes and designed hardware ECOs to eliminate deficiencies.
- Designed & implemented Environmental Monitoring system for multiple interconnected RAID array enclosures based on Phillips microprocessors communicating via I2C protocol. Prevented 3 month schedule slip by completing project in half the time estimated by client.
- Designed & implemented sound card driver for embedded x86 system using Phar Lap TNT. Unique driver design saved client an estimated $400K per year.
- Designed & implemented custom video frame capture/replay driver for WIN TV card. Included on-the-fly capture feature not supported by card manufacturer’s driver software.
- Assisted client in porting disk volume management software from Unix platform to Windows kernel driver environment. Created equivalent Windows functions for Unix system calls and designed kernel functions to emulate standard Unix synchronization mechanisms.
- Designed & implemented Design Verification Test for RAID array controllers. Multi-threaded test design simultaneously exercised two i960 core processors and 16 SCSI controller chips, allowing client to find several latent design flaws before first customer shipment. Novel test architecture also permitted two RAID controllers to test each other, improving test coverage while eliminating expensive custom test equipment.
- Senior member of design/implementation team for mass storage controller and follow-on products. Consulted on design, implementation, simulation, and certification of device drivers, network interface firmware, and storage server software. Co-inventor U.S. Patent 5,938,776 A Detection of SCSI Devices at Illegal Locations.